"Great butcher shop. Old style meat counter with fresh meats and lunch meat counter. Store baked ham is great, fresh sausages are always good, and service is fast and courteous."
— G. K. (Hanover, PA)
"Myers Meat Market is a good one stop shop. All of their meat is done in house and the utmost in freshness and quality at a great price. They run wonderful specials always advertised in the local merchandiser paper. They also have a pretty good grocery assortment for a meat market. Their prices are competitive, staff is friendly, and assortment is good."
— Rachael C.
"Myers is a great one stop shop for food for parties or cookouts. They offer a variety of meats, and various deli products, including cole slaw and potato salad. All of their meat is as fresh as you can get it anywhere, if not more so than the chain grocery stores... all at an affordable price."
— Sarah S.
"Wonderful meats at great prices!! I would refer all my friends there."
— Heather
"Both my wife and I LOVE Myers. We lived in the Hanover area for 55+ years, before moving to 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA. Now we travel to PA about twice a year and ALWAYS stop at Myers for fresh meats to bring back to GA."
— Robert